You Might Be from Vermont IF…You Know Who Champ the Lake Monster Is!

BY Lisa Friedman

You Might Be from Vermont IF…You Know Who Champ the Lake Monster Is!

Samuel de Champlain is credited with discovering Lake Champlain in 1609.  He was quoted as seeing an exceedingly large serpent-like creature during his voyages. Since then, Champ has been rumored to be seen from anywhere from ten feet to one hundred eighty seven feet in length with either a flat or round head, with one to four humps or up to five coils, scaly or smooth, drab or shiny. He appears to be quite the shape shifter.

Champ, the baseball loving lake monster, belongs to the elite group of creatures classified as cryptozoological animals. This group includes dragons, unicorns, pegasus. yeti and lake monsters. The common trait of this classification is that their existence has not been conclusively proven or disproven. Some scientists think that Champ may be a very, very old Basilosaurus, or king lizard. Many think they became extinct 34 – 40 million years ago. Champ’s nearest relative is his cousin Nessie who resides in the waters of Scotland and is known as the Loch Ness Monster.


Regardless if others believe, Vermonters know that Champ is alive and well in our state. In fact, the State of Vermont passed a house resolution protecting Champ in 1982. No fishing for Champ!


When Champ is not frolicking in the lake, he enjoys being the mascot for the Vermont Lake Monsters minor league baseball team. Champ, Vermont’s affectionately revered lake monster, is a very fun creature who also likes to appear on t-shirts and other touristy memorabilia. Champ has even been known to appear in the occassional parade.

The ‘Mansi Photo’ was taken in 1977 and is the most famous real picture of Champ. Lake monster scholars cite the Mansi Photo as the most credible scholarly evidence of Champ’s existence because it’s authenticity is held in such high regard. It has become ‘the Holy Grail of Lake Monsterdom’.

If you happen to come to Vermont to visit Champ and fall in love with Vermont (which is very easy to do), please call Lisa Friedman of Great American Dream Realty. I will find you a lakefront home where you can frolic with Champ every day. Come for a visit, fall in love, stay forever.


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