Why I Love Selling Homes – Part 2

BY Lisa Friedman

Looking back over my real estate career and reflecting back on some of my sales brings back fond memories of some of the families I had helped.

About two years ago, I had emailed back and forth with a For Sale By Owner who was also an Expired Listing. We had built quite a rapport over numerous emails over several months. When they finally decided to list with an agent, I was their prime candidate. However, there was an agent whom had taken them out several times as prospective buyers and they felt that they owed an obligation to this other agent. They wound up buying FSBO so they felt bad that this other agent did not earn anything for her time.

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They listed the house with this agent (who was also the owner of her own company) whom they had known for a few years, however they called me a few times asking me for my advice. While I did the right thing which was to answer their questions in a way that would not be considered steering them away from their agent at all, I highly advised that if they had issues with their agent to contact them and have an open discussion with them.

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They felt very guilty for having used this agent to look at homes, but not buying from her. However, they did not feel that their needs were being met as sellers. The had already moved into their new home and the home that was listed had been vacant for several months.

They tried working things out with their agent a few times, however their needs were still not being met. The agent kept asking for more time and making more promises which remained unfulfilled. Finally, after being listed with that company for several months with only two showings, they decided to withdraw their listing from that agency. Of course, then they received phone calls about buyers that never showed up, and they delayed the withdrawal.

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They finally cancelled their listing with the other agent, we listed the house and wound up getting a lot of activity on it. It was an hour away from our market area (two hours round trip), however we wound up showing it around three times per week ourselves and ultimately wound up bringing the buyer in ourselves as well. Within six weeks, we sold the house in a bidding war for more than the previous agent wanted to reduce the price to. It is all about marketing, converting ad calls and taking the time to answer people’s questions to make them feel comfortable. Now we have very happy sellers as well as very happy buyers. Taking someone’s problem and being their solution is a very rewarding feeling.


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