Stowe Vermont Waterfalls to Visit This Summer! Part 2: Bingham Falls

BY Lisa Friedman

Bingham Falls Stowe Vermont
Bingham Falls in Stowe, Vermont is a beautiful waterfall to visit this summer. The West Branch of the Waterbury River flows through a forest going over several cascades and plunges before the main drop into a pool. The total drop of the waterfall is 90 feet.
Bingham Falls Stowe VermontFrom Stowe Village, take Route 108 North for approximately seven miles. There is a small turnout on the right with parking for about ten cars.  The turnout is located shortly after passing the Inn at the Mountain and Fireside Tavern on your left, about a mile before Stowe Mountain Resort.  The trail is very easy to follow and is about a five to seven minute flat walk until you get to the falls.  At that point, there are some somewhat narrow stone stairs leading to the base of the fall.  The stairs descend approximately twenty feet and can get very slippery.  Use caution on this brief section of the trail.  Once you get to the bottom. there are many large boulders to scramble on and sit on to enjoy the view.  There is nothing better than to sit and enjoy the cool air surrounding the falls on a hot summer night while listening to the majestic crashing of the water.
Bingham Falls Stowe Vermont
It is fun to hop across the stones to view the falls from the opposite bank.  The falls look even more dramatic from this angle.  I once even watched some very brave boys jump off the cliff above the falls into the large pool of water below.  It was fun watching them get up the courage to jump, and I am sure that they felt a rush of exhilaration when they did.  After the first jump, they climbed up to the top again, looked around for a while, then decided that one jump was enough!
Bingham Falls Stowe Vermont
Bingham Falls is very scenic.  You will certainly want to bring your camera, and maybe even a tripod to do a timed exposure of the flowing water.  Using a polarizing filter will bring out the green of the surrounding foliage and make it ‘pop’.  Be sure to explore the waterfall from its various vantage points as it looks very different from varying angles.  There are plenty of opportunities for unique photos as there are many evergreen trees and rocks to frame your photos with.
Bingham Falls Stowe Vermont
Bingham Falls Stowe VermontBingham Falls Stowe VermontBingham Falls Stowe VermontBingham Falls Stowe Vermont
I feel very fortunate as this incredible waterfall is walking distance from my home!
Come visit Bingham Falls, a natural wonder, and enjoy part of what makes Stowe, Vermont a wonderful place to live!

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