Preparing Your Home For Sale in Vermont: Part 2 – Exterior: Maximizing Curb Appeal

BY Lisa Friedman

Many sellers would like to know how to prepare for listing their property for sale.  Here is a list of items that you should take into consideration when selling.

Williston Vermont Homes For Sale

1)  Keep lawn cut and edged.

2) If seasonally appropriate, rake leaves and be sure that driveway and walkway are shoveled.

3) Trim shrubs.

4) Mulch.

5) Remove dead or straggly landscape plantings and replace with healthy plantings.

6) Trim tree limbs that may be overhanging and blocking walkways.

7) Put weed killer on walkways to kill any weeds showing between bricks, etc.

8) Pull weeds from your landscape plantings.

9) Make sure that your lawn stays watered and looks healthy.

10) If you have dogs, consider walking them versus peeing in the yard and creating brown spots.

11)  Seed any bare spots in the lawn.

12) Put flowers in window boxes.  This really dresses up a home and creates a friendly first impression.

13) Consider hanging a decorative flag.

14) Upgrade your mailbox.

15) Clean gutters.

16) Add a decorative flower pot by the front steps.

17) Paint the front door.

18) Clean cobwebs from around lighting fixtures and corner overhangs.

19) Consider power washing the house, if necessary.

20) Re-surface driveway, if necessary.  Fill in any potholes.

21) Add accent lighting.

22) No toys in yard.

23) Keep garage door closed.

24) Put patio furniture out.

25) Store hose neatly.

26) Move trash cans into the garage.

27) Repair any holes in fencing and paint fence, if necessary.

28) Paint exterior of house, if necessary.

29) Touch up trim around windows.

30) Replace any rotted trimwork around windows.

31) Wash windows.

32) Paint any chipped or peeling paint.

33) Sweep sidewalk.

Williston Vermont Homes For Sale

Williston Vermont Homes For Sale

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