I Love Vermont – Showcase Your State Contest Entry

BY Lisa Friedman

This post is an entry in the Showcase Your State Contest.  It was difficult to choose only one photo to use.  This picture was taken three weeks ago when my dog, Sadie, and I did a 13.5 mile round trip hike.  I began the hike at around 2 p.m. not really planning on going too far – just maybe four miles round trip which is a usual wallk for Sadie and I.  Four miles might not sound like much, however with a 13% average grade walking up the ski trail, it is a nice climb.

This particular day was a beautiful day and I just felt like going, and going.  Forunately, I had a headlamp in my pocket, just in case – because if it involves me, it usually involves darkness.  I get so much enjoyment out of hiking that it is always good to be prepared for something like an impromptu hike which turns into 13.5 miles and a ten hour adventure.

We got to the top and, of course, I wanted to watch the sun set which was when this photo was taken. Watching the sun set over Lake Champlain is like a holy experience. It is that wondous – purple mountain majesty.  The night was so beautiful and the temperature was still warm enough that I found a wonderful private spot tucked away to sit out and watch the stars.  I sat there for a couple of hours enjoying the peace and tranquility, mesmerized by the beauty and marveling about how wondreous this earth is, and especially Vermont.  I even considered spending the night there (no sleeping bag, no coat, nothing) – it was just that beautiful.  I might have even slept out there in my little alcove on the rocks except that I had Sadie with me and I couldn’t risk her getting off of her leash and going off the steep ledge.

Why do I love Vermont?  I love Vermont for its mountainswaterfallsgiant boulders, evergreen trees, the autumn foliage and the summer greenery.  I love Vermont for the snow during ski season and for going sledding down the ski trails. I love Vermont for Lake Champlain, which I have kayaked across all the way to New York.  I love it for Cold Hollow Cider Mill, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and it’s quaintdowntowns, events and wildlife. I love it for the people and the organizations who take care of things for us so we can enjoy them. I love it for the Stowe Recreation Path, the Burlington Bike Path and the Missisquoi Rail Trail.  I love it for the breathtaking beyond belief feeling that I get when walking through Smugglers Notch with the couple thousand foot rock formations that are beyond words.  I love Vermont because there is barely any light pollution and the stars here are simply incredible. I love it because when I am out in nature, I am at home.

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