I am Going to be in the Movie ‘Wetware’ Filmed in Vermont!

BY Lisa Friedman

On February 4th, I read in the Burlington Free Press that there would be open auditions on February 6th for a movie to be partially filmed in Burlington. The movie named ‘Wetware’ was written by Vermont author Craig Nova and is being directed by award winning Vermont director Jay Craven.

wet lib

My only acting experience was being the lead in most plays during elementary school and then supporting roles in junior high school. The ad in the newspaper said to bring your acting resume and a portfolio of head shots. I had neither and joined the group of three hundred people auditioning.

I enjoyed reading in front of the camera with a panel of four judges just like you see on television. The character that I portrayed during the audition was named Inky. Inky was a homeless drug addict whose clothes were held together with twine. I read with one other person and tried to make good eye contact. I think I did a decent job and gave myself a B+. Before exiting, the director asked me a few questions and seemed to be humored with my responses. I left with a good feeling.

Then, the waiting began. I waited on pins and needles hoping to get any part in the movie, no matter how small. The fact that the movie is written and directed by Vermonters and being filmed in my beloved Vermont is so much more meaningful to me than if this were some high budget movie with big names being filmed in New York. I love Vermont with all of my heart. Although I was transplanted here in 2009, Vermont is in my heart and in my soul. I am in love with Vermont and this is so much more special to me BECAUSE of the connection with Vermont!

On March 14th, I was notified that I was selected to be an extra in the movie. I was, and still am, thrilled. Posted are the photos from the day that I auditioned and the day that I found out that I was to be in the movie.

Wet 1 j 400

Since being accepted into the movie, I have read the book and now the 118 page screenplay. The screenplay is very different from the book. The book is based on genetically engineered ‘human’ looking beings created to do the menial jobs that humans abhor…and what happens when these beings learn to think and feel on their own.

It just goes to show to take chances even if you think the odds are slim because you never know and sometimes when the odds are slim you can still win. I am very thankful to be a part of this movie and to get to have this unique and wonderful experience. Last night was my first night of filming and I got asked to come back on Friday. I will be posting more tomorrow about last night’s experience and will post again after Friday.

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