Happy Adoption Day Anniversary Sadie – One Year of Love!

BY Lisa Friedman

Today is the one year anniversary of when I adopted my sweet dog Sadie!

Sadie and I have shared many adventures together. We love going on long hikes together. This photo is from a 13.5 mile hike we did last summer. It is one of my favorite pictures of her enjoying the view from the top of the mountain.

Sadie loves the snow just as much as I do. Here is Sadie admiring the moon.

Sometimes she buries her entire body in the snow!

My little goofball!

I love this picture of Sadie during one of our first snowfalls in October.

My good friend, Kathy Schowe, drew this picture of Sadie based on the above photo. I absolutely love it! Thank you Kathy!

Rain or snow, Sadie doesn’t mind what the weather is – she is always up for an adventure.

Sometimes we go for long walks in the woods at night. I wear a headlamp so we can see.

Sadie sporting her new haircut!

Once in a while we do stay indoors and relax, often with a nice fire. Sadie enjoys working with me from our favorite chair.

Sometimes she will humor me and let me take her portrait.

Sometimes a good snooze on the comfy chair is in order.

May I please have a belly rub if I look cute?

Sometimes Sadie decides that Mom stays up way too late so she provides ‘Sadie’s Turndown Service’ and even tucks herself in!

I am ready for another adventure, Mommy. Let’s go!

I love this sweet little dog more than I could possibly express. She is my Sweet Lil’ Sadie Girl and I look forward to many more happy adventures with her!

 I Love My Sadie!

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