Ethiopian Dinner at North End Studio in Burlington, Vermont

BY Lisa Friedman

Tonight, I attended a wonderful Ethiopian dinner at North End Studios. The event was catered by Alganesh Michael and Mulu Tewelde who are from Eritrea, a small country next to Ethiopia. This dinner was part of the pop up dinner series which North End Studios is hosting in their dance studio monthly. This sold out event included an authentic dinner as well as a slide show teaching us about Ethiopian cuisine and culture.

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Our meal consisted of injera which is a sourdough flatbread which is used as a base layer underneath spicy stewed meats and vegetables to soak up the flavors. Diners tear off small pieces and use them to pick up the food. Other menu items (which I cannot define) were esiga watt, yemesser alicha, yemesser watt, gomen, and the berbere spice.

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We learned that coffee was founded in Ethiopia and is a large export. Some of the slides showed how the coffee beans start out looking like cherries, then are dried in the heat of the sun for an entire day, and how they are roasted and then ground by hand. The slide show was very interesting.

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If you would like to try Ethiopian food, Alganesh Michael and Mulu Tewelde are regular guest chefs at Arts Riot. For the last two years, approximately once a month they use the Arts Riot kitchen to bring awareness of Ethiopia, it’s culture, and it’s cuisine to Burlington. If you would like to have your Burlington area event catered by Alganesh and Mulu, you can reach them through their Facebook page.

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If you would like to experience some unique (to us) world cuisines, check out North End Studios pop up dinner series. Future events will include Bengali, Armenian and Nepalese cuisine.

Great American Dream Realty supports multi-culturalism and our small businesses. If you would like to live in such a diverse, lively and interesting community as Burlington, Vermont, contact me. I would be happy to introduce you to all that the greater Burlington area has to offer!

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