10 Things About My Present – Little Known Facts About Me (Contest Entry)

BY Lisa Friedman

1. I love adventure movies – especially Star Wars and Indiana Jones.  I want to BE Indiana Jones!  I met Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor, not Alec Guinness) in London and he was nice enough to pose for a picture with me (photo forthcoming).  As a child, I was both R2D2 and C3PO for Halloween, although I always wanted to be Chewbacca (maybe next year).  🙂

2. I am a nature junkie.  I love to sit outside at night and watch the stars and the moon.  Sometimes I will just lay out on the lawn or on a lawn chair and marvel at how wondrous the world is and thank God for being alive to appreciate it.  I appreciate every minute of my life and am grateful for it.

Along the same note, I am always on the look out for my bear and the illustrious Vermont moose.

3. I love games.  My favorite outdoor game is mini-golf. I enjoy board games, especially word games like Scrabble and Taboo.  I have Super Scrabble which is Scrabble on steroids with a 50% larger board, double the number of tiles and quadruple word scores.

4. I am a pool shark, although I don’t play often anymore.  My record is 17 games straight.

5. I love to learn and often take college level classes for personal interest.  Some of the classes I have taken have been on Art History, Russian Literature (Tolstoy), New York, New York: City of Dreams – a cultural class where we went to several plays and museums and listened to classics like Billie Holiday.  I also take classes at our local adult school on topics such as cheese making,Thai and Vietnamese cooking.

6. I am a work horse and will often work 14 and 16 hour days to make sure that every last detail gets attended to.  At my old office, I had been known to sleep on the floor every once in a while because I was too busy to drive the half hour back and forth each way to my home.  Those were actually about 20-21 hour days back then.  When I opened my own office in Vermont, I made sure to buy a sofa-bed!  With the gym a half mile away, it often beats the hour drive home at night.  I love my office and I love where I live, they just happen to be so far apart!

7.  I have a soft heart and am very forgiving.  I also have a big heart and tend to be very generous.  In addition to raising thousands of dollars for Multiple Sclerosis through bike-a-thons, I have also personally volunteered at Special Olympics skiing events and also have contributed a lot to Children’s Miracle Network.  I have volunteered to walk dogs at animal shelters.

8. I love to exercise and be fit.  Since having some unexpected time on my hands recently, I have been working out between 2-4 hours daily and am in the best condition of my life.  At 44, that is saying something.  I can probably give most 20 year olds a run for their money right now!  I recently got up to 10,000 straight hulas with a 5 pound weighted hula hoop and jumping rope for thirty minutes.  I work out with hand weights and kettle bells every day and have recently begun taking tennis lessons which I am immensely enjoying.  There is a 70 year old man who has been renting a vacation home in my neighborhood and we have been playing for practically two hours every day.  He is also a coach and we have some rallys that go over the net 60 times.  It would be nice to play with someone my own age.  I hope to join a league soon.

9. I believe in perseverance, honesty and integrity, loyalty and commitment.  United we stand, divided we fall.  If anything is worth doing, it is worth putting your whole heart into.  I hold firmly to those values and beliefs.

10. I am a survivor,  It seems that the odds are always against me, however I am somehow always able to make magic happen.

So, there is your little slice of the life of Lisa Friedman for the Getting to Know Each Other contest entry.  If you have enjoyed this post, then you may want to view it’s companion post 10 Things About My Past: Getting to Know Me.

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