Addie Metivier

Hi, I’m Jennifer Adelaide Metivier, but I go by Addie. I’m a recent transplant to Vermont from Philadelphia. Living in Vermont has been my dream ever since I attended college at UVM in the 90s, and I’m excited to help folks find their own perfect place in the state, too!

When I’m not working, I’m often out exploring my new state with my family and our dogs. I have a nature-loving kid and a drone-enthusiast husband, and I personally enjoy birding, so we love visiting spots like the Milton Town Forest which has a little something for everyone.

Most of my professional life has been spent working in college academic libraries where I developed a unique set of skills which I bring to the world of realty. Just as I tracked down hard to find information for my patrons, I will track down just the right property or buyer for you. I also have experience working in the solar industry and am knowledgeable about the sometimes complicated intricacies of solar contracts when transferring ownership.

I am happy and enthusiastic and look forward to working with you!